"Fieldwork has amazing access to amazing people. They add a completely unique dimension and resource to new business pitches. They can capture and capsulize a culture like no one I know. Fieldwork was a great new asset to our research endeavors. And, a true delight to work with."
Pat Doody
President, Founding Partner
Wong Doody

Know the brand audience.
Grow the brand.

What do today's Baby Boomers expect from retirement? An advocacy organization needed to know to reposition their recruitment efforts.    

In today's immigrant-rich America, how are the lives of young people impacted when it comes to ideals of beauty? A company creating grooming products asked us to figure that out.  

What most influences professional chefs in choosing kitchen products? A cookware company wanted an answer to better their communication strategies.

These are just a few of the clients who came to Fieldwork for answers. We returned with knowledge that our clients could act on.

Fieldwork researches the user-cultures in which brands and products live or die. We identify the most potent expectations of the most important constituents. Our work helps marketing and creative teams develop communication or design strategies that insure resonance.

"Too much of what masquerades as insights these days is simply solid deductive thinking in a sexy package.  Genuine insights are increasingly few and far between.  Fieldwork is the most proven source of genuine insights I know of. Jonathan's ability to sample the cultural and thought-leader context, his ability to connect the dots in such way as to totally reframe the problem and suggest highly differentiated solutions, is unprecedented. More often than not, Fieldwork is the first resource I turn to when business demands a thoroughly fresh perspective."
Ted Nelson
Managing Partner, Director of Brand Planning

Whether it's video ethnographies of Latino retirees or deep thought-leader interviews to understand the lives of modern truckers, Fieldwork delivers intimate portraits of user-cultures, and distills learning into ways to connect with them. How are we different than other research or branding groups? Like we said:

Good brands do homework.
Great brands do Fieldwork.

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