"Fieldwork's approach to planning was a welcome change from my history with planners who use the process to prove their own pre-existing notions. They begin with an open, and startlingly inquisitive, mind, and fill it along the way with insights from a diverse set of industry experts, consumers, pundits and thought leaders. In the end, Fieldwork manages to pull it together into a cohesive look at where an industry is today. And more importantly, where it's going."
Dave Swartz
Creative Director

Who We Are

Fieldwork uncovers the richest opportunities for brand and product strategies to succeed.

Beyond mapping out what exists now, our projects give a sense of what's on the horizon. How? By tapping into networks of relevant thought leaders, the individuals who drive brand user cultures.

Exploring brands, products, and specific audiences through the eyes of these people, Fieldwork generates break-through thinking.

Our approach gives a 360 degree view, generating knowledge that can clearly be put to use.

Headed by Jonathan Field who developed his skills as “cultural strategist” for Mullen, every project starts by leveraging a brand or product's "influentials," the guides and catalysts for user-cultures. From there we map out the areas of user need, challenge and, most important, the richest opportunities.

Whether working in video, print, or orally presentation, we package insights in forms that genuinely inspire creative direction. Within a matter of 5-10 days, we deliver a richness that other research groups would exhaust far greater resources to achieve.